Because loyal clients deserve discounts

We are proud to introduce our loyalty program for our loyal clients, kicking off on the 1st of February 2017. We believe that loyal customers should be rewarded for their faith and trust in Premium Escort Models. High Class Escort Services specially created for our most loyal customers in Belgium, The Netherlands and other International destinations.

As a regular customer, you can now benefit from reduced rates you can save up with credits. Each credit is equivalent to €1,-. You can start earning credits from the moment of your first booking for a period of 3 months. After this three-month period is over, your right to redeem your credits expire. So make sure you profit by receiving a discount on your first upcoming appointment by reaching your desired amount of credits. You can start redeeming your credits for escort discount rates, for as low as 6 hours in total within a period of 3 months. 


Let’s say on February 28, 2017 you have your first appointment with a Premium Escort Model for a total duration of 4 hours. To qualify for a discount on your next appointment, you would be 2 hours short to reach the minimum of 6 hours over a period of 3 months. This you would have to make at least one or two appointments with a minimum of 2 hours total before May 31, 2017 to reach a total of 6 hours, whereas you would earn 25 credits. As shown in the attached table, you will then receive a €25 discount during your next appointment, regardless of the duration of your appointment. However your appointment must occur again within the following 3 months!

You are not required to create a member account. Our system will automatically keep track of all the details of your bookings.

Escort Service Loyalty Program
 Minimale Boekingsduur   Credits
 Total: 6 hours  25
 Total: 8 hours  50
 Total: 10 hours  75
 Total: 12 hours  100
 Total: 16 hours  150
 Total: 24 hours  250
 Total: 48 hours  400