Because loyal clients deserve discounts

Looking for something more exciting & exclusive? Secret & Exclusive Models are special High Class Escorts that exclusively offer their escort services to a select group of members of Premium Escort Models.

Would you like to meet with a Secret or an Exclusive Premium Escort Model? This is possible but only if you have already used our services before! The profiles of the Secret & Exclusive escorts are hidden and only available for bookings starting from a minimum of a period of 2 hours. Both Secret & Exclusive Models offer their escort services exclusively through Premium Escort Models. The portfolio of these models consists of a small but high quality group of beautiful models. Exclusive Models are models with a very special background. Simply stunning appearances and they also have the most attractive attributes. These models are truly a once in a lifetime experience, no exaggeration. Treat yourself with the most exclusive models Premium Escort Models has to offer. 


 Duration  Rates
 Booking of 2 hours   €650
 Booking of 3 hours   €850
 Booking of 4 hours   €1000
 Booking of 5 hours   €1.150
 Booking of 6 hours   €1.300
 Booking of 12 hours   €2.200
 Booking of 24 hours   €3.000
 Extra day  €1.000
 Booking of one week  €6.000
 Extra week  €3.000


 Duration  Rates
 Booking of 2 hours    €700
 Booking of 3 hours   €1000
 Booking of 4 hours   €1300
 Booking of 5 hours   €1.500
 Booking of 6 hours  €1.750
 Booking of 12 hours  €3.000
 Booking of 24 hours  €4.000
 Extra day  €1.500
 Booking of one week  €10.000
 Extra week  €5.000