So you think you have what it takes to become a Premium Escort Model? Well, we're very selective on our models. If you would like to become a PEM, first you need to apply, and then qualify. After we receive your application, you'll go through a thorough selection process, for which there are several stages. Whether you're sufficiently eligible to become a PEM will be determined after a meet & greet and a job interview. If you qualify, a photo shoot will be planned at a location to be determined by both parties. The photo shoot is also a great opportunity for us to become better acquainted. 

Exciting meetings, stunning hotels and restaurants, meetings with high-end personas, being treated with Respect, all in addition to the exceptional earning potential is what working as a PEM is all about. We take care of the entire booking process and intermediate between you and potential clients. We arrange your meeting with national and international, wealthy business people, who want to spend their time with a high class escort with style and class. Our main concern is privacy and security! If Respect, Loyalty and Honesty are also important values to you, then apply now!

Premium Escort Models Job Application

General information

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Sending us an email!

We are preferably looking for

  • Age:                   20 to 57 years 
  • Languages:        Fluent in Dutch and/or English 
  • Size:                  At least 160cm 
  • Education:         Completed education 
  • Lifestyle:            Chique, classy, elegant, reliable & drug-free 
  • Passport:           EU passport holder