Premium Escort Service in Antwerp

Looking for the best escort service experience in and around the city of Antwerp? Lucky you, you have come to the right place! Are you going on a busines strip or vacation in Antwerp or are you looking for a restaurant or hotel and searching for the perfect erotic company? A romantic Dinner Date with an exciting desert? Or maybe a special experience for the bedroom like the Porn Star Experience (PSE)? Premium Escort Models offers High Class escort ladies who enjoy making your wildest dreams come to life. Why would you settle for less, if we can offer you the very best?

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Why would you choose for Premium Escort Models?

Premium Escort Models is a leading High Class escort service and is able to distinguish itself from a lot of other "High Class" escort agencies by listening very carefully to specific wishes from clients, complying with promises and also having the most beautiful girls lined up especially for you who absolutely enjoy giving you a great time. Our ladies live in The Netherlands and Belgium. Some of our ladies live just across the border in Belgium or Germany, which lowers your waiting time and increases our reachability.

What can we offer you?

Premium Escort Models offers a lot of "standard" services, which you can find in the menu under the section "Services". We offer special extra services for everybody. If you have a special request, or a specific question regarding your appointment with a Premium Escort Model, please contact us via mail or phone!

What are the rates?

The rates of our ladies start with a booking duration of 1 hour, which start at €400. All travel expensess are included in the price (for bookings of at least 5 hours or more) and you don't have to pay anything extra! Whether you book around the city of Antwerpen or in Brussels, this strongly depends wether you make an appointment with a Dutch or Belgian escort model and the destination of your appointment.  

Premium Escort Models rates:

Booking for 1 hour: €400

Booking for 2 hours: €650

Booking for 3 hours: €900

Booking for 4 hours: €1100

Booking for 5 hours: €1300

Booking for 6 hours: €1500

Booking for 12 hours (sleepover): €2000

Booking for 24 hours (whole day): €3000

Booking for every extra day: €1000

Booking for a week: €6000

Booking for every extra week: €4500

Do you still have any questions regarding the rates above, don't hesitate to contact us. Rates are non-negotiable

How about extra expenses like a plane ticket or a hotel?

Did you make an appointment with your Premium Escort in Antwerp and are you flying with her to another international destination? Would you like to make a reservation for a hotel in Antwerp? With regards to plane tickets and hotel reservations, Premium Escort Models will arrange eveything.

Questions? Please contact us!

Still have questions regarding Premium Escort Models? Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll reply as soon as we can.